2 Day Soul Path Retreat To Release Your Blocks To Abundance, Liberate Your Authentic Self and Manifest Miracles in Your Life!  

Canterbury Retreat & Conference Center February 2 – 3 2018 1601 Alafaya Trail Oviedo, FL , Oviedo, FL 32765 

16 CEUS (for licensed mental health, marriage and family and social workers in Florida)

"You Are One Step Away to Unlock, Break Free & Get To Where You Want To Be"

This 2 Day Retreat, is designed to help you dive in, expand and express your most authentic Highest Self- Your Super Power; eradicate limiting beliefs that block your success and happiness, and break old patterns. 

You will learn powerful energy psychology techniques to guide you in manifesting your desires and even some miracles! You will strengthen your soul journey to live in more inner peace, more personal freedom and deeper loving connection. You will step into the life you dream of and discover the principles of how you really are the creator of your reality.

  As Gary Zukav stated, “When you can see your soul, you can see your greatness.” The core of you who you are is your soul and this is the place where you manifest from. You gain more clarity into what you want and who you want to be. Clarity is key in magnetizing what you desire and to be successful.

Are You Ready To...

  • Feeling more positive than ever before  
  • Feel Free and fulfilled Feel empowered to manifest your goals and dreams
  • Live in your authentic Highest Self with more ease and freedom 
  • Learn the tools to release negative chatter in minutes 
  • Feel greater satisfaction and gratefulness in your work and relationships 
  • Feel connected to the one-ness of all that is- knowing you are not alone
  • Master greater inner peace  
  • Know you are ENOUGH and feeling your inherent worthiness 
  • Practice powerful strategies to manifest your desires 
  • Attract the love, wealth, health and happiness you dream of  

How will you know this program is for you? I invite you to take this short quiz: 

  • You feel things don't work out for you or you don't feel good enough
  • You’re sick and tired of procrastinating and not achieving your goals
  • You yearn for more in life- more joy, love, peace and freedom 
  • You dream of being of higher service to others 
  • You want to live your life on purpose 
  • You crave deeper connection with a higher power (God, Divine energy, Universe...) 
  • You suffer from anxiety or fears that hold you back 
  • You love learning about spirituality, but don’t stick with your spiritual practice 
  • You are interested in making bigger shifts to manifest your dreams and goals 
  • You fear you will be alone or unhapppy
  • You want to attract more loving coonnections  
  • You believe in miracles

If you answered YES to many of the statements, this workshop is definitely for you.  

Are You Ready for a Huge Breakthrough In Your Success & Abundance?  

Do You Sense There’s a Light Within You That is Ready To Shine and Be Free?  

It all depends on one thing... Are you READY to take the next step and commit to yourself, to create the life you want?

  What Will I Learn in This Retreat? In Create Your Miraculous Life, You Will:  

1. Create Your Vision and Goals for What You Want To Manifest In Your Life 

  • Design your vision & goals for 2018  
  • Identify the limiting beliefs that keep your from attaining your goals  
  • Learn the 4 Step formula to Create Your Breakthrough to create massive change in every area of your life  


2. Release Your Blocks To Abundance

  • Overcome self sabotage by unlocking the pwer of your subconscious mind to achieve your gaols  
  • Eradicate limiting beliefs that block true power and abundance  
  • Release your blocks to worthiness and deserving
  • Step by step guidance on how to release negative emtions and programming and thughtsthat no longer serve you  
  • Practice 3 powerful energy processes for manifesting wealth, health, love and more 

3. Master the Keys To Manifesting

  • Discover the keys to prosperity thinking. Once you've mastered this, you'll unlock the door to magnetic abundance
  • Create new beliefs that forster abundance and success and start attracting abundance and more joy…
  • Power of visualzition- studies show the daily of practice of imagery combined with brain exercises, double your ability to manifest..  
  • ADOPT certain ‘secret principles' that allows advanced meditators, monks, world-class athletes and others to manifest their intention 
  • Learn powerful spiritual practices that will stengthen your ability to manifes wealth, love, health and unlimited opportunities consistently! 

4. Step Into the Highest Version of YOU

  • Develop your superpower- learn how to harness energies of creating alignment to live in yoru highest self, by working with natural energies around you to increase the effectiveness of your practice
  • Connect & align with your Highest Soul Self for greater inner peace , fulfillment and empowerment…
  • How live daily in alignment... your super power qualities that will ignite your ability to step into taking inspired actions to manifest your goals and live in state of greater happiness  
  • Learn how to become a vibrational match to manifest all you desire 
  • Feel empowered to take inspired action and become the energetic embodiment of miracles!  
  • Leave with practical solutions to manifest abundance in all areas of your life and create mor love and joy in your life
  • Leave with a specific plan, action steps and guided mediations that offer you instant access to becoming an magnetic manifestor


You will receive all the processes (guided imageries and tappings from the weekend)

You will also receive 3 months Group Coaching Online Calls following the retreat (includes coaching, Q&A, support for your continued success)

Raving Fans!

"The most amazing thing I have experienced"

Ruth has added greatly to my life's work by teaching me EFT professionally! I love your work... you are so amazing at what you do... EFT is the most amazing thing I have experienced and shared ...and I am so glad you were the one who gave me the tools to share it with the world! Janice Robinson - Owner, Orlando Reflexology

"Life Changing Transformation"

Before working with Ruth, I was in COMPLETE fear about speaking to more than 2 people. I became absolutely fearful even if I was seated and had to say a sentence or two in a group of 3 or more people.  

I TRULY had a life changing transformation because of Ruth Stern. ..not only am I able to stand and speak at ease in front of a room full of people, I actually welcome the opportunity and now seek it out. Because of Ruth I now am creating a program where I will be touring the United States to speak in front of groups about going from living in a single wide trailer to becoming a multimillionaire.  

What Ruth has given me transcends just being confident in front of groups, I actually have more confidence in day to day living as well as feeling more secure and confident in my marriage. To me she really is a miracle worker… This may sound over the top and unbelievable and to tell you the truth if I had not experienced it for myself I would have a difficult time understanding it.

Mike Plante

"Relief From Worry, Anxiey and Fear"

In less than one month after the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) training I and II, I've used EFT during 22 client coaching appointments. Every single one was successful and the client had substantial results sometimes as quick as a 5 minute EFT session and other times 20 minutes. Each client enjoyed the experience, got wonderful relief from worry, frustration, anxiety and fear (just to name a few) and said they would want to do it again. I'm finding this so helpful that I want to get trained in EFT III. Karen Nutter - Certified Master Coach® Certified Intrinsic Coach® Certified Hypnolinguistic Practitioner

Presentor: Ruth Stern

  •   I’m Ruth Stern, practicing as a mental health therapist and transformational coach for over 35 years. I know how you know you are capable of more success, joy and abundance but for many, there’s this elusive something that is missing to make that happen. I’ve spent many years studying both eastern spiritual principles and psychology to find answers to living fulfilled.  
  • My vision is to help people believe in themselves, believe in their dreams and have the tools, and have the confidence and the capabilities to turn those dreams into reality. I provide both spiritual , psychological and practical tools to guide you in solutions for for both inner and outer success and great joy.  
  • I believe you are meant to live and inspired life, filled with joy, passion and purpose with less struggle and more freedom. I believe you are meant to stand in your own power and feel truly alive. I Believe We All Have a Light Within Us That is Yearning to Shine and Be Free… I’m excited to present this 2 Day Live Retreat to you and being your guide to infinite possibilities!  
  • To your abundance, prosperity and happiness! Ruth Stern, MA  

Canterbury Retreat & Conference Center

To Book A Room, Call: 407-365-5571 Single Room: $96 Double Room: $81 Full Breakfast included